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Our Founding Members

Pietro Filippo Adamo
Todd Axlund
Georgina Barone
R. Timothy Bentley
Jason Berg
Robert Bergman
Wayne Berry
Brigitte Brisson
Peter Brofman
David Bruyette
Michelle Carnes
Alberto Cauduro
Giunio Bruto Cherubini
Joan Coates
Johnny Cross
Amy Fauber
Paolo Favole
Frank Forterre
Heather Galano
Jared Galle
Carley Giovanella
Bianca Hettlich
Andrew Hopkins
Andrew Isaacs
Fiona James
Joli Jarboe
Konrad Jurina
Carrie Jurney
Patrick Kenny
Sharon Kerwin
Stephanie Kube
Valentina Lorenzo
Catherine Loughin
Patricia J. Luttgen
Katia Marioni-Henry
Christiane Massicotte
Jay McDonnell
John Meeks
Larry Nafe
Jill Narak
Dharshan Neravanda
Tina Owen
Rebecca Packer
Michael Podell
Alan Potthoff
Curtis Probst
Sean Sanders
Ronald Schueler
Andy Shores
Elizabeth Shull
Allen Sisson
Mark Troxel
Christina Vitale
Fred Wininger
Michael Wolf
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